Art By Shante'
Capturing The Human Spirit And The Essence of Nature
  1. Best Friends
    Best Friends
    Oil Painting 22 X 24 framed $850.00
  2. My Brother's Keeper
    My Brother's Keeper
    Drawing 11 X 17 framed $400.00
  3. 5 Color Landscape
    5 Color Landscape
    Oil Painting 20 X 30 $950
  4. The Performance
    The Performance
    Oil Painting 24 X 28 framed $875.00

**New Art

Gold & Silver Horse
Oil Painting 30X40

      Shante's focus

This work was created to emphasize expression. Shante has the artistic ability to create a range of art from realism to abstract. She has a diverse understanding of how to create art of all subject matters while using a variety of material and techniques. Her style embodies the essence of the human spirit in all of us as well as nature. Her goal is to raise awarness of the socio-economic struggles that exist in our world today.

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My name is Shante'
Shante’ has been an artist for 35 years and has been in business since 1992.  She has a raw style that captures expression with the simplest techniques/materials while exemplifying a volume of richness to every piece. She classified her abstract art as “Art Outside the Box” and her realism work as art that “Captures the Human Spirit.” In better terms she classifies her over art all as raw, rich, cut compositions using the simplest techniques in full detail, while capturing the human spirit.
Thanks for taking an interest in my work and I hope you visit my website again in the future!

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